about me

I am an FWF Erwin-Schrödinger Postdoctorial Fellow in the group of Alan Aspuru-Guzik at University of Toronto and Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence. Before that I was doing my PhD (and 1year Postdoc) in Anton Zeilinger’s group in Vienna.

You can send me e-Mails, sometimes I use Twitter, you can have a look at my google scholar account and at my recent preprints arXiv.


I develope computer programs which inspire new types of quantum experiments, and which help to undercover new ideas and techniques in quantum physics. Currently I combine these ideas with chemistry and material discovery.

I am excited about the potential of computer-inspired and computer-augmented science, which requires one to understand how humans do science (for example, understand what one considers as creative or surprising).
My goal is to create an algorithm which helps us to uncover secrets of the Universe.

Professional Experience

  • since 01.2019: University of Toronto (Department of Chemistry) & Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence
    • Postdoctoral Fellow (group of Alan Aspuru-Guzik)
  • 12.2017-12.2018: University of Vienna (Faculty of Physics) & IQOQI Vienna
    • Postdoctoral Fellow (group of Anton Zeilinger)
  • 10.2012 – 11.2017: University of Vienna (Faculty of Physics) & IQOQI Vienna
    • Graduate research assistant (Pre Doc) (group of Anton Zeilinger)


  • 2005: A-Level exams (Matura)

Full CV

download cv (August 2019)